Community Meet-Ups

The Audio-Visual-Analytics Community (AVAC) is a young international community, interested in the combination of information visualization and sonification. The AVAC Meet-Up is a format we want to establish as a regular virtual meeting for our young community, to discuss ideas and projects of our members. We aim for one meeting every second month, lasting about 1.5 or 2 hours each.

If you want to join the Meet-Ups, please contact Kajetan. He will provide you with the Zoom invitation. Please also get in touch if you would like to present your work at one of the AVAC Meet-Ups.

25 May 2022 (6pm CEST - Vienna)

6 April 2022 (6pm CEST - Vienna)

25 January 2022 (6pm CEST - Vienna)

  • Victor Schetinger (TU Vienna, Austria) told us about his project „Xenakis: Experimenting With Data, Cities, and Sounds,“ that he also presented at the alt.VIS workshop at IEEE VIS 2021 (Paper & Miro Board).

  • Elias Elmquist (Linköping University, Sweden) gave insights into his project „Open Space Sonification: Complementing Visualization of the Solar System with Sound,“ which was awarded the best academic use of sound award and the best student paper award at ICAD 2021 (Paper).