Workshop at IEEE VIS 2021


The goals of the workshop are:

  • to build a network of members from the sonification and the data visualization communities.
  • to get inspired by the members of the respective other communities, as our goals are often similar but our strategies differ.
  • to identify research gaps for a combined visualization and sonification theory.
  • to work towards a research agenda to close the found gap.

We plan to structure the research agenda for audio-visual analytics by four areas:

  • theory,
  • design process,
  • tools, and
  • evaluation.

The workshop is planned in an interactive format with most of the time scheduled for group and plenary discussions.

Call for Participation

We invite participants of IEEE VIS 2021 to take part in the discussion sessions of this workshop.

The workshop is open to all IEEE VIS 2021 attendees. There is no call for papers and no selection procedure for participation in this workshop due to its interactive format.

The Audio-Visual Analytics workshop will be a fully remote, virtual event due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and in alignment with the decision not to host a physical meeting for VIS 2021. Group and plenary discussions will use the virtual platforms Zoom and Miro.

It will take place on Monday October 25, 2021 11:50 am – 3:15pm Central Time (18:50 – 22:15 CET).

More information about the format and access of the virtual platform will be published here.


… will be announced here after the workshop.

The workshop is planned as the kick-off event to work on a follow-up publication on the research agenda discussed in the workshop. This follow-up publication will be authored by a self-selected subset of workshop participants and organizers. It can be a journal article (e.g., in IEEE TVCG) or an edited book (e.g., Morgan & Claypool Synthesis Lectures on Visualization).

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